RTB provider StartMeApp shuts down

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 12, 2016


StartMeApp, the mobile Real-Time Bidding exchange has shut down, according to news from Portada. We’ve double checked and indeed the website is down. The company was a Latin American provider of mobile ad and solution services with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, England, and Singapore.

StartMeApp provided a RTB exchange

StartMeApp screenshot About Us

Source: mobyaffiliates.com

According to a former executive, differences within the leadership of the company caused it to shut down.

However, it’s likely that the company was struggling with the competitive environment of the mobile marketing sector and the rapid growth of the industry. Portada states that:

“Mobile Inventory monetisation issues are even larger in the Latin American market, where StartMeApp had most of its presence in. In Latin America, mobile advertising is still in a relatively early stage and ad market volumes are nowhere near those currently reached in the US and Europe.”