Rockerbox launches new marketing platform that focuses on audience behaviours

Rockerbox, the recency marketing company, just presented its Recency Marketing Platform, which lets advertisers check out user behaviours and improve customer acquisition campaigns accordingly.
The company was launched in 2013 by two ex-AppNexus engineers who realised that the last 60 minutes of a consumer’s digital behaviours were indicative of their buying intent.
Therefore, the new platform focuses specifically on the last 60 minutes of a consumer’s online activities across various channels and devices. It then allows advertisers to optimise their spend and boost conversions.
During first testing, clients increased their post-click conversions by up to 300%. At the same time, they brought down cost per acquisition by 60%.
According to research by Rockerbox, the last 60 minutes of online activity are a better indication of consumer intent to purchase, but also audience segmentation.

“We believe that if you knew what your customers and prospects were doing in the last hour, you would buy media differently,” said Ron Jacobson, Rockerbox Co-Founder and CEO. “For any company looking to convert shoppers into buyers, the secret is understanding your prospects. Our recency technology enables advertisers to zero in on the audience they know is ready to buy based on their most recent behavior. Just as gold miners used rocker boxes to separate dirt from gold, Rockerbox analyzes millions of ad impressions daily to surface insights that deliver greater return on ad spend.”

The new Recency Marketing Platform is a self-service solution that offers marketers added insights to help understand their audience’s online behaviours. Indeed, things such as sites, articles and topics are identified to broaden the picture. Additionally, the platform provides attribution and optimization with automatic recommendations on how to save spend, boost ROI and acquire new customers.
The new platform is based on Rockerbox’s Recency Activation Services – a management solution for programmatic media campaigns.