Rewarded Video Ads Drive Big Returns for Toy Truck Rally 3D Game

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Partner Post - Leadbolt - 10x Higher eCPM with Video Ads

Posted: August 3, 2015


Game developer and publisher 3dinteger wished to explore additional ways to monetize their Android racing game, ‘Toy Truck Rally 3D’. They had previously used Leadbolt‘s full-screen interstitials and saw app monetisation success before. With this in mind, they went back to Leadbolt.

An account manager from Leadbolt recommended they used Rewarded Video Ads during key moments of gameplay, such as when gamers want to advance to the next level. The Rewarded Video Ads unlocked the next level of the game in exchange for players watching video ads.


The results of these actions meant that developer 3dinteger was able to achieve eCPMs of over $10. The enhanced user experience worked in empowering gamers to stay engaged for longer.

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