Revmob – how to increase your mobile app revenues

James Cooper

In Mobile Advertising. October 8, 2012

So Revmob has been getting some coverage and reviews recently as one of the new mobile ad networks making use of interstitial ads and content lock formats.   Some highly respected developers as saying that this is one of the highest yielding ad networks out there.   Some devs are reporting click throughs of up to 60% – a CTR at this level is absolutely fantastic for both developers and advertisers.  eCPMs have also been reported as high as $11 + and delivering significant revenue uplifts.   The chatter overall is very positive.  It’s great to see so much innovation happening in the market right now and it’s all good for developers.  There are new ways to really boost your eCPM if you’re running an ad-funded or freemium application or game.  Here’s some tips below on how to increase your mobile app or game revenues from the Remob team.   If you’ve used Revmob and would like to review it for us then get in touch.

Revenue Tips

    1. Always use the latest SDK version
    2. Full Screen Ad Units work better than pop-ups
    3. Combine multiple ad unit types together to maximise revenues
    4. Try and show Interstitial ad units as many times as possible during a user session whilst not interfering with their use of the game or app.  For example, ads can be shown on launch, and between levels or games.
    5. Show banners visible throughout the app or game on the bottom and increase the size for increased CTRs
    6. Add a ‘more games’ offerwall ad unit based on the openAdlink method
    7. Deliver constant updates to your installed base and constantly improve what you offer

Revmob Q&A
Q. Why show a pop-up ad at the start of a game/ app launch if this means that the player will simply go and download another game?
A. Showing the interstitial screen takeover/ pop up on application launch can be a financial success as if the player jumps out the app to play another game they are generating revenue
Q. Can pop-ups be used at certain points in a game, such as an achievement or high score?
A. The ad unit can be called at any time. However, it’s best not to call it only if the player reaches the end of a level as that will typically mean very few ads viewed by session.
Q. How does Remob deliver higher eCPMs?
A. If you can deliver installs then you’ll get well rewarded for it. Advertisers increasingly want to pay for conversions, not just clicks so for apps and games that convert this can lead to much higher eCPMs.

eCPM Boosters
Here’s a summary of some other revenue drivers you can deploy to help monetize your app or game.
new IOS 6 SDK: Another growth driver according Revmob is the new IOS 6 software which includes the IOS 6 Appstore in the application – the user or player doesn’t leave the game for the Appstore anymore but can download a game or app in-line within the existing service.  This means a much smoother and slicker installation process and users are far more likely to click on ads given that this is the case.  It also means that users will be able to stay within your environment and continue to use the service and generate more revenue for you within that session.
Ad unit Features: Animated banners that refresh with frequency caps, full screen ads all perform well and help to boost your revenues and eCPM  significantly.   For further increases in performance you can increase the size of the banners (this is a unique feature of Revmob).  Banner placement in key areas of your app is also beneficial.
More Apps/ Games Buttons: these type of ‘offerwall’ ads can deliver great performance.  Increasing frequency and changing placement is a way to optimize this revenue even further.
eCPM tracking: You can now track the performance of your ads according to which part of your app and game they are displayed in using Placement IDs.  This gives you much more information to help you learn from the higher performing areas and improve less well monetized parts of your site or app
Target specific markets: If you focus on acquiring users and payers in high paying markets including North America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Scandinavia and rich Asian markets such as Japan and Singapore.
Target iPhone, iPad and high end Android:  Out of all the IOS devices the iPhone and iPad users perform the best – the ipod users the worst.  Within Android the best handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy 3 are also better in terms of monetisation.
An Interview with Revmob Founder Guilherme Schvartsman 

So if you’re an app developer or games publisher looking to increase your revenues or an advertisers seeking high click throughs and conversions – check out Revmob! 
An example of a Revmob ad unit