Revived Media Delivers Over 43,000,000 Mobile App Installs

Revived Media
Revived Media, the leader in performance-based global mobile user acquisition for mobile app developers, mobile advertisers, mobile content owners and more, announced that they have delivered over 43,000,000 app installs for mobile games developers last month. Headquartered in Missouri, Revived Media is a mobile CPA advertising network that is completely performance based – the latest achievement is a result of the company’s growing mobile apps cost per install solutions.
These solutions are attributed into three key areas:

  1. Proprietary Ad Targeting Technology – The ability to target by Carriers, Country, Operating System, Devices and more. The company has over 50 key performance indicators available to App owners to track, analyze and monitor their mobile users.
  2. Full Campaign Control – Including daily and monthly budgets, flexible cost per install pricing and transparent tracking analytics.
  3. Personalised User Acquisition Management – The company provides and all-in-one mobile user acquisition hub and a campaign manager who is there 24 hours a day to ensure app developers and game owners are getting their maximum return on investment with their respective ad budgets.

Revived Media Chief Executive Officer, Ralph Ruckman, spoke about the important milestone for his company:

“Since the launch of Revived Media’s internal mobile applications advertising division, app developers, specifically mobile games developers, have been flocking to take advantage of mobile cost per install advertising. Revived Media generated record revenues month over month in 2013. Since the launch of the internal media buying division which helps mobile app developers acquire millions of new users monthly, we have been able to strategically position Revived Media at the fore front of not just mobile cost per action advertising, but now in mobile cost per installs too.”

It’s great to see evidence of such strong growth in the mobile industry, especially in the mobile user acquisition area. As companies like Revived Media lead the charge with app installs, mobile app developers and mobile advertisers are also rewarded with large numbers of new users and the increased level of revenue that comes with this.
You can find out more information about the mobile user acquisition agency over on the Revived Media website.