Reveal Mobile partners with Unacast to help reach a greater mobile audience through proximity retargeting

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 29, 2016

reveal mobile unacast
Mobile audience insight platform, Reveal Mobile, announced a partnership with Unacast, the beacons and proximity sensor platform.
The collaboration with Reveal Mobile sets out to benefit brands and advertisers in increasing their mobile audience data when deploying proximity retargeting and attribution campaigns. Scale is the unique player here.
Given the rapid increase in beacon deployment among retailers, achieving meaningful and impactful audience sizes remains a core challenge. In addition, retail apps are some of the most infrequently used apps. This adds to the problem and limits the ability to collect good audience data.
To combat this issue, Reveal Mobile collects beacon data directly from technology embedded inside hundreds of frequently used apps in the US. Unacast PROX now includes 47+ Proximity Solution Providers globally.
In the real world, this means that a customer’s physical and digital behaviours are combined. Marketers get to customise their services and craft personalised interactions based on actual consumer interest. This results in improved convenience, faster shopping speeds as well as a more immersive experience for the consumer.
Brian Handly, CEO, Reveal Mobile, explains:
brian handly

“We see over 600k active users per day, which frequent the apps four to five times per day. The audience isn’t one person using a shopping app once every two months.”

Over 300 news and weather apps now use Reveal Mobile’s SDK to reach millions of users each month, whilst detecting 2m bluetooth beacon signals. This enabled Reveal Mobile to locate and classify 100,000+ beacons since launching. These can be viewed via
Thomas Walle, CEO and Co-founder, Unacast, adds:
thomas walle

“We are thrilled to bring Reveal Mobile into the the Unacast PROX network. Their accurate proximity data will now be activated through Unacast´s partnerships with media and advertising platforms. We continue to increase our datasets, helping advertisers to get a scaleable solution for proximty data. With the inclusion of Reveal Mobile’s beacon-powered data, we continue to deliver on this. We enable advertisers to retarget customers at scale based on hyper local proximity data, encouraging their audience to visit their brick-and-mortar or online stores.”