Repro gets $836,000 investment to improve mobile analytics

Repro, the Japanese app analytics firm, has secured $836,000 in funding from DG Incubation, BrainPad, and Shift. With 46% of app users stopping to use an app within a month of download, according to Repro, the company has devised a service to help creators retain their users. The newly launched product analyses consumer app usage through facial expressions as well as app crashes to help clients identify problems and areas of growth to manage their retention user rates.
Yusuke Hirata, CEO and Founder, Repro, explains:

“Repro is a tool that explains what actions a user takes to generate revenue and why so it supplies the information that can be used for a A/B test.”

Since 2014, the ten-person company has grown by 400 new clients, which include Rakuten, Mixi, and KDDI. Having only just released its alpha version flagship product, start-ups can use the service from $100/month for 500,000 actions such as “add to cart” or “follow” and 50 movies, whilst larger companies pay $3,000/month for 30 million actions and 50,000 movies.
Taku Harada, CEO, Peatrix, praises the product:

“Numbers, especially in mobile, don’t give you the whole story. Repro’s visual recordings gives us a much better sense of where our apps need improvement. This is priceless.”

For the future, Repro plans to expand into the US and gain clients in the American market.