Red Fox Media launches programmatic ad platform AdAppTive

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 15, 2016

Red Fox Media, the software company, recently launched new advertising platform, AdAppTive, which it says is the first cookie-free programmatic ad platform to work for mobile devices, including apps, email, newsletters and the mobile web. The company recently secured funding of £420,000 from existing angel investor syndicate, ESM Investments, and Scottish Investment Bank.
AdAppTive Product Suite
AdAppTive has been developed over the last three years at a total investment of £1.4m. The platform combines the advertiser’s own customer data with 1,000+ demographic and lifestyle variables for better targeting.
Mobile programmatic spend has been growing steadily and last year overtook desktop’s share of programmatic ad spend. According to eMarketer, mobile programmatic ad spend accounted for 60.5% of total programmatic display ad spend last year and that figures is projected to reach almost 70% in 2016.
Mobile programmatic ad spend outpaces desktop
Marcus Brook, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, AdAppTive, says:
marcus brook

“AdAppTive resolves a key problem that has been plaguing digital media – both publishers and advertisers – that the cookies relied upon to ensure advertising is targeted don’t work when websites are viewed through apps, instead of on a browser. In an age where more than half of all page views are made on smartphones, AdAppTive is set to make reliance on cookies a thing of the past. It offers a real alternative to the browser-only advertising options which the industry has been using for years, while improving the returns for both publisher and advertiser.”