Recommendations and social media are showing potential in engaging mobile consumers

For retailers, online recommendations about a product or service can influence consumer buying decisions. According to the Digital Democracy Survey by Deloitte, 27% of Generation Z respondents said they would be more likely to make a purchasing decision if they saw an online recommendation. Interestingly, television ads tend to have a lower influence on purchasing decisions among Gen Z and Millennials.
Indeed, paying attention to TV ads has become more difficult as mobile device users tend to multitask whilst watching television. On average, consumers perform four other activities whilst their TV is on. This lends even more relevance to social recommendations and mobile marketing tactics.
Advertisers and brands are facing critical decisions when allocation campaign budgets as there are no guarantees that consumers will be viewing ads. Indeed, over 80% tend to skip an online advert if they can and another 67% of consumers believe mobile ads to be irrelevant.
The study also points out that 45% of Millennials are now using ad blocking software whilst 85% of them are saying they use ad blockers to increase the speed and performance of their online experience. Another 40% said they were using ad blocking software on their smartphones as well.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom for advertisers. In fact, over half of consumers are willing to receive mobile ads based on their location, whilst 46% say they would pay more attention to ads that can be skipped versus those that can’t. Ad relevancy remains key, alongside more exciting content.
Social media has turned into another great avenue for consumers to explore content. With 84% of all consumers and more than 90% of Gen Z and Millennials now active on social networks, marketers have begun to increasingly explore the opportunity at hand.
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Gen Z and Millennials are already indicating that social networks may be more effective than TV adverts.
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Interestingly, 70% of Millennials have also used social media to interact with companies, 74% of whom found the experience to be more effective than using a phone to call customer service.
45% of US consumers and over 60% of Millennials are feeling more connected to companies and brands if their pages and ads engage them on social networks.
Kevin Westcott, vice chairman and U.S. media and entertainment leader, Deloitte LLP, concludes:

“American consumers continued to stream, binge watch and demand more media in 2016. As the growing forces of social media and over-the-top services continue to accelerate, particularly among millennials and Generation Z, the consumer rules. The shift to streaming, mobile, on-demand services and personalization are significant opportunities in 2017. Brands can bring new value, services and incredibly entertaining content to the empowered consumers across all age groups in a manner that can be monetized.”