Realtime messaging company Ably launches with 100% uptime guarantee

Andy Boxall

In App Development

March 24, 2016

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If concerns about reliability are plaguing decisions to utilize realtime messaging in your project, then a 100% uptime guarantee will likely appeal. Does such a thing exist? Newly launched realtime messaging technology company Ably says yes, and is so confident it can deliver, you’ll find it in the service level agreement.

The product of three years work, Ably provides app developers with a variety of messaging services. The platform is recommended for game notifications, chat applications, realtime conversations, live metric data streams, and activity streams for utility apps.

Ably provides realtime messaging services, and offers a 100% uptime guarantee in its SLA

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The 100% uptime guarantee is only the start. Intelligent routing puts messages through one of 22 data centers, swerves around DNS and network issues, and delivers them even in the event of network or hardware failures.

Ably offers an API with persistent history data, will always send messages in chronological order, isn’t tied to a particular protocol, and uses high performance binary encoded messages. Ably’s services are operated on a pay-for-what-you-need basis, so if your requirements are small, then the bill won’t be needlessly high.

To learn more about Ably’s realtime messaging and data services, visit its website here.