Ralph Sas, CEO Avazu Europe and USA on their mDSP and the launch of the LA office

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Partner Post - Avazu Recruiting now for the LA office

Posted: May 28, 2015

avazu mdsp
Avazu Inc. is a global leader of mobile & PC digital advertising, a global mobile games and apps distribution platform. Established in 2009 in Germany, Avazu had its headquarters set up in Shanghai China the same year. With offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Brunei and most recently Los Angeles, Avazu is collaborating with over 500 of the largest international advertising clients. Avazu Holding consists of three business units: Avazu Inc, a global cross-device performance advertising company with proprietary technologies for programmatic advertising; Teebik, a global game and app publisher; aFund, a strategic investment arm focusing on seed- to early-stage startups.
Ralph Sas is the CEO Avazu Europe and USA and has lead the international expansion of Avazu into multiple global markets over the last 18 months. We caught up with him to hear more about the Avazu mDSP product which has been making waves in the mobile media buying space plus find out about the launch of their latest office in LA.  
Avazu has launched it’s Mobile DSP 6 months ago – can you tell us some more about it? 
Avazu Mobile DSP is a complete self-serve programmatic mobile advertising platform, which provides more convenience and a transparent marketing solution; it enables advertisers and buyers to start campaigns in just 5 minutes.  Avazu mDSP is our latest proprietary product, and we keep on improving it since the launch. We currently see a continued rise in satisfied clients who are allocating more and more budget to us.
What does Avazu bring to the mobile DSP space that’s been missing from the market so far?
As a product+technology driven company, Avazu has always been trying to provide our clients the best products/services.
Based on our marketing research and our clients’ reviews, Avazu mDSP is one of the best Mobile DSPs that provides the most useful features, as well as an easy-to-use interface. There are 5 reasons why we are different and why advertisers and agencies use our product:

  1.  100% self-serve: you do not need any help from our AMs, from creating account to view your campaign reporting. You don’t even have to learn before you start, the interface is simple, yet powerful. That being said, we also provide a comprehensive knowledge base and dedicatedAccount Managers, who are able to help you 24/7.
  1. Extensive Transparent Traffic: over 25 Billion ad impression are available each day on Avazu mDSP now. You can easily explore and target specific placements within our platform.
  1. Real-time Reporting and One-Click Optimization: our reports are updated real time, and you can check your reports directly in the interface. What is even more convenient for the user is that you can optimize your campaigns directly when viewing campaign reports with one simple click, instead of going back to editing your campaigns as necessary in similar systems.
  1. Performance based Optimization: our cutting-edge machine learning engines enable the user to bid in different modes, which will drive your campaigns to reach your goals automatically. Besides, we are also offering our clients a tool named Automated Rules, which can be used to optimize your campaigns automatically based on the rules you have set.
  1. More features and frequent product updates: Avazu mDSP has supported all the necessary targeting options you need, include hyperlocal targeting, in which you are able to target on specific areas you have chosen on the map. We also provide a white-label solution for agencies or networks, which we believe is going to bring in a lot of new clients especially from our new LA office where the focus will be bringing in agencies in the automotive, consumer electronics and of course entertainment verticals.

New features are introduced to our users every week. We just released our native ads campaign option, which enables our clients to buy native traffic from our partners including MoPub, PubNative, MobFox and Smaato. If you are interested in our self-serve platforms, just visit our website : http://avazumdsp.com/home/
What types of clients are using the DSP so far and what types of campaigns are seeing the best results
We are working with both performance and branding advertisers, stand alone media buyers, networks and media agencies. At the moment we’re seeing excellent performance in app downloads, mobile content and the gaming vertical.
You’re in the process of opening an LA office- what brings you to the market there?
We’ve seen a substantial growth in West Coast customers for both our APX and DSP platforms since we opened up our EU offices, but due to the 9 hour time difference between Europe and the West Coast it’s almost impossible to manage these clients properly, therefor a local presence was needed.
We’re opening up on the 16th of June in the old Pinterest office in Venice Beach. We’ve of course looked into both SF and LA as our local starting ground but choose LA over SF due to the prosperous environment and booming growth of business and the presence of big media agencies in the “Silicon Beach” area.  We also believe that Venice Beach is a better fit to our company culture.
Are you recruiting for the LA office and what types of people are you looking for?
We’re in the middle of recruiting and just had our first 2 positions filled, we still have several openings we want to fill the coming weeks, most importantly are mDSP Sales Director, Global Pay Per Call Manager and several Business Development and Affiliate Managers.
We’re looking for experienced and highly motivated professionals who are able to help set up, grow and manage our complete US operations and build the office to a strong steady player on all of our platforms while maintaining our reputation and expanding our verticals.  Next to that, we’re always looking for talent to join our European and Asian offices most of our current openings are found here : http://avazuinc.com/openrecruit/