Qualcomm will launch a VR SDK for the Snapdragon 820 mobile processor

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Qualcomm has sent out early word that later this year, it will release an SDK for developers working on VR projects that use the Snapdragon 820 mobile processor. The chip, which powers many of the major smartphone releases so far this year, are, “capable of supporting immersive VR experiences,” according to Qualcomm, “but can be difficult to fully utilize without the right set of tools.”

The Snapdragon VR SDK will be released later this year

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The Snapdragon VR SDK simplifies development while opening up advanced, optimized VR features, ready for future VR headsets suitable for Android smartphones. Features include:

  • Easily access gyroscopes and acceleromters using Qualcomm’s Hexagon DSP
  • Using the SDK will reduce latency
  • 3D binocular vision support with color correction and barrel distortion
  • VR layering
  • The SDK improvers power efficiency.

Qualcomm will release the Snapdragon VR SDK before the end of the summer, and it’ll be available through the Qualcomm Developer Network. In the meantime, Qualcomm has published a whitepaper on how mobile can be used to create immersive VR experiences, which can be downloaded and read here.