PubNative rolls out new mobile native mediation solution for app developers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 4, 2016

PubNative, the mobile monetisation platform for app publishers, just launched a new mobile native mediation solution which lets app makers segment audiences on a granular level and tailor campaigns to best suit each segment to maximize revenue and ad relevance.
PubNative launches new mobile native mediation solution
The solution offers access to a selection of native demand sources including Facebook. It is also built to work more easily with mobile-specific user segmentation options. PubNative says that mobile publishers can now also customize their ad delivery by criteria such as country, platform and demographics as well as advanced options such as a user’s app usage, engagement and behavior.
Tao Li, CEO of APUS, an Android developer, the new feature increased engagement and improved the consumer experience. He says:
tao li

“We have more than 920 million users worldwide and they are characterized by diverse interests and behaviors. Also, our apps support multiple ad placements and formats where users can interact with them. With PubNative’s help, we can analyze our data to better understand our users and deliver relevant and engaging advertising to each of them.”

PubNative also promises improved CPMs and fill rates.
Before now, this level of integration for monetisation technologies was only available for early innovators. PubNative’s new platform breaks down this barrier of entry for mobile publishers.
Clients currently using the feature include VPN provider Betternet, APUS and 4shared.
Ionut Ciobotaru, Managing Director and Co-Founder of PubNative, explains:
Ionut Ciobotaru

“PubNative is currently the only player in the native mobile display space offering such a granular and advanced segmentation. We’re operating at the crossroads of monetization and analytics, where publishers will earn the most revenue.”