PubNative launches native advertising for the Apple Watch

Mobile publisher platform PubNative has just launched full support for native ads on the Apple Watch. The PubNative technology allows publishers to integrate custom ad formats specific to user experience on their app on the Apple Watch. At the same time, brand advertisers such as ING-DiBa, a Frankfurt-based bank, can benefit from customised native integration on premium inventory.
PubNative launches native ad support for the Apple Watch
With ad spend on smartwatches predicted to reach $68.6m by 2019 ($1.5m in 2015) driven by the Apple Watch, PubNative ad support comes at the right time. PubNative’s technology allows advertisers and publishers to jump on board of this new opportunity. Integration is simple – using PubNative’s API, publishers won’t have to integrate any other SDK in the Watch OS app or in its underlying iOS app.
Ionut Ciobotaru, Co-Founder and Managing Director, PubNative, says:

“The Apple Watch represents an unprecedented opportunity for brands as an unparalleled platform for user engagement. However, the amount of real estate available on the device is smaller than on a mobile screen, which can easily cause a disrupted experience. For this reason, native ads are the most, if not the only, suitable advertising option on the Apple Watch.”

TorAlarm, the company that offers live results for soccer games through its app, has tested PubNative’s Apple Watch app integration. Maurice Eisterhues, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TorAlarm finds:

“Thanks to PubNative, we are able to quickly roll out advertising for the Apple Watch in a way that is 100% in line with the user experience of our app. We are now in a position to offer brands premium ad placements to communicate with a very engaged audience, for both branding and rapid response campaigns.”

It remains to be seen what impact wearables will have on global mobile ad spend, but the digital advertising market is already one of the fastest growing worldwide. The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) estimates spending to double to $80bn between 2013 and 2017.