Publicly shared Snaps to be used by Discover media partners in curated Our Stories

Andy Boxall

In App Business. September 14, 2018

Snapchat is to let a handful of its Discover media partners created curated Our Stories content using publicly shared Snaps. There are 24 media outlets on Snapchat’s list for the new initiative, including CNN, NBC, Refinery29, NowThis, Hearst, and Jukin Media.

The partners will be able to take public Snaps and stitch them into Stories about events or themes, and add editorial content over the top, and crucially monetize the end result. The original Snapchat user will not receive any of the ad revenue.

It follows the release of Stories Everywhere, where Stories could be embedded into websites and show up in searches. Variety states that partners using the tool requested Snapchat open up its publicly shared content to expand the feature. However, curated Our Stories content shared and embedded outside Snapchat will not include ads.

Snapchat sees three billion Snaps created on a daily basis, however the vast majority are shared privately.