Protected Media launches anti-fraud solution for mobile advertising campaigns

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. November 17, 2016

protected media
Estimates suggests that mobile ad spend is set to grow 45% this year to reach $45.9bn in spending and it will represent a third of total media ad spend in the US by 2019. However, for mobile marketers, the inability to verify viewable mobile ads is a growing problem as the format takes up an ever larger chunk of their budget.
In order to overcome this issue, Protected Media, which provides anti-fraud solutions for digital advertisers, has just rolled out a new multi-layer feature that detects new virus strains, which fake viewability across mobile devices. In addition, it has launched out a solution that verifies ads are rendered and within range on screens of mobile devices.
Protected Media provides anti-fraud solutions for digital advertisers
protected media
In combination, Protected Media hopes that the two new solutions provide a better protection for mobile ads and help achieve higher ROI.
Asaf Greiner, CEO of Protected Media, explains:
asaf greiner

“Viewability is becoming a currency for online advertising, but at the same time bots are becoming more sophisticated and are undermining the validity of these measurements. By detecting false viewability data that indicate that bots are at work, and then confirming that legitimate ads can be seen, we are providing a powerful combination that help bring back faith, trust and value to mobile advertising.”

The new anti-fraud solution by Protected Media taps into technology and sophisticated methods used in cybercrime investigations to uncover bots that fake viewability. It views granular level information about the exact position of mobile ads and confirms if legitimate ads are visibile on mobile screens. The solution provides in-depth reporting to provide and actionable account bad traffic sources.