Predictive mobile advertising does boost sales

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 12, 2016

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Data from beacon media platform, inMarket and digital agency Crescendo Collective, found that mobile shoppers who are targeted whilst their in the purchase cycle help drive ad interaction rates and verify sales.
inMarket delivers pull-page in-store engagements
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The inMarket Quantum Receptivity predictive solution uses beacons to verify store visits to determine when shoppers are due for their next shopping trip. The solution provides brand messages during receptive moments which ultimately drive purchases. This in turn eliminates wasted impressions whilst pausing the campaign when shoppers are least receptive.
Bernard Gomez, Partner, Crescendo Collective, says:

“Quantum Receptivity has beaten the paid search, promoted social, and display ads that we have used (successfully) in the past. Sporting possibly the smartest targeting that we’ve seen, Quantum Receptivity delivers a more engaged audience than older forms of digital marketing.  It delivers a lot more bang for our clients’ buck in both impressions and engagement. Quantum Receptivity allows us to deliver context-sensitive messaging to an engaged audience, which then pays off with a better conversion rate for our clients.”

As an example, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, a Crescendo Collective partner, deployed the Quantum Receptivity solution during the first quarter 2016 to target inMarket’s audience of 46m monthly active app users across the US. The campaign achieved a ROI of 3.2x, with a 25.3% increase in post-engagement purchase intent and 55% increase in average brand awareness.

A separate campaign targeted a subset of 15m shoppers across five DMAs using predictive mobile banners and lifted sales by 3.5%.

Todd Dipaola, CEO, inMarket, adds:
todd dipaola

“Receptivity increases the closer you get to your next store visit, and peaks during your shopping trip. Since 2010, we’ve specialized in connecting brands with shoppers in-store. Now, we’re using billions of our first-party data points to form a one-to-one model for each shopper and influence them when they are most receptive in the purchase cycle. We’re helping mobile ads get smarter and more efficient, and brands leverage mobile to drive offline sales.”