Pollen VC launches user acqusition support for mobile app and game businesses

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 21, 2016

pollen vc
Pollen VC, a revenue service for app and game developers from FinTech, has launched a strategy support service for medium mobile app and game publishers, offering complimentary and unbiased guidance on how to improve their marketing strategies and optimise paid user acquisition campaigns. Called Pollen360, coaching sessions examine a developer’s existing marketing metrics and strategy. Led by Mika Levo, Head of User Acquisition at Pollen VC, developers then receive actionable advice to improve their reach, response rates and ROI.
Pollen VV rolls out acquisition advice service
Source: pollen.vc
Mika Levo, Head of User Acquisition, Pollen VC, says:

“Mobile developers need to take a holistic look at how they approach marketing, from building a brand to optimising paid UA campaigns, otherwise it’s unlikely they will succeed, nor have a chance of making revenues. Pollen360 aims to support developers through the early stages of launching their app or game so they learn the key skills to grow their user numbers quickly and sustainably.”

The service includes advising developers on best practices to retain and grow users, helping them to spend their ad budgets more effectively. Pollen360 retains a neutral stance in regard to mobile advertising networks to allow developers to choose the best fit for their campaign.
Following the initial complimentary coaching session, developers can sign up to Pollen VC’s revenue recycling service to access ongoing support from Pollen360. Among those who have tested the new service is Fat Fish Games, an indie games studio based in Brighton, UK. The company ran a trial and experienced significant improvements in their user acquisition performance and ROI.
David Lane, Founder & Managing Director, Fat Fish Games, says:
david lane

“Pollen360’s data-driven approach to managing Facebook campaigns allowed us to convert more quality users and effectively spend more of our budget, increasing our install rate by 18%, decreasing our CPI by half, and allowing us to save weeks in manpower. Overall, working with Pollen VC, to both recycle our earned revenues and now optimise our ad campaigns, also demonstrates to our investors that we are thinking end-to end about how to run a serious games app business, generate cash and grow going forward.”

Pollen360 will also offer resources and information through its online hub, including content and events information focussed on app launches, optimising campaigns, tracking metrics and KPIs as well as analytics and retention.
Martin Macmillan, CEO, Pollen VC, adds:
martin macmillan

“The app economy has grown incredibly in the past few years, and we know that well-prepared mobile businesses can make a lot of money if they have sufficient skills and knowledge. With Pollen360, we want to help our customers find the right tools and help them gain the expertise that will make them successful and of course, we want to help them make more money.”

The initial coaching session is free to mobile developers who are in the process of launching or scaling an app or game. Developers who are interested can sign up here.