Phablet users more engaged than others, as tablet use falls away

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Smartphones with screen sizes over 5-inches are expected to increase in popularity, becoming the most used by the end of this year; while larger, full-size tablets become less popular. It’s shown that phablet users are more engaged with apps than users of smaller devices.

Phablets make up 33% of the market and full-size tablets take around 8%, according to data from Flurry. In just over a year’s time, Flurry predicts phablets will have 59% of the market share, overtaking phones with medium-sized, sub-5-inch screens. Tablets are expected to have just 3% market share.

Phablets will become more popular than any other device size

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Despite a slow start, if Flurry’s prediction is accurate, phablet use will have doubled between late 2015 and mid-2017. Elsewhere, in data collected by Localytics, it’s show that phablet users are more engaged with apps, spending an average of 66 minutes using apps over the 52 minute average by medium-size phone users. The trend continues with a 3.5% longer session average.

This data was collated by BI Intelligence, and part of a complete report that can be purchased here.