Personalization and recommendations are a must if you’re trying to reach Gen Z shoppers, but steer clear of post-purchase re-engagement tactics

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 15, 2017

Shoppers of the Generation Z may be more comfortable when it comes to shopping online, but that creates an entirely new challenge for online retailers.
A survey among 2,191 UK adults by YouGov and conducted by Apptus found that 86% of Gen Z shoppers visited online fashion stores compared to those aged 59 years and over.
Indeed, growing up surrounded by digital devices means that today’s 18 to 24-year-olds are anticipating a smooth shopping experience that includes a good amount of personalization.
Andrew Fowler, UK country manager of Apptus explains:

“These findings point to a generation that values a seamless, low friction experience online.  An experience that is shaped by relevance and consistent personalization across every aspect of the online environment – not just search, recommendations and navigation but product selections, listings and sort orders.”

According to the results, around half (48%) of Gen Z respondents believe that it is a sign of good customer service if online retailers make recommendations based on past purchases. Another 49% also like ‘people who bought this also bought’-style recommendations. In comparison, just 18% of the 55-and-over-year-olds liked such recommendations.
More than half of Gen Z shoppers also prefer the ‘you might also like’ recommendations compared to 22% of 55+ shoppers.
In addition, younger shoppers are fans of autocomplete searches according to 44% of respondents.
However, Gen Z consumers aren’t particularly interested in receiving post-purchase emails (just 10% said they like to be emailed after visiting a retail site). Similarly, only 12% of them liked ‘X people bought this in the last hour’ messages.
Fowler adds:

“That level of customization for every visitor simply cannot be achieved manually.  In fact, it is a task that computers and machine learning could have been invented for. The power to gather vast quantities of customer data then act on it to deliver ever more relevant and tailored experiences will quickly become a must have as this new generation of shoppers makes its presence felt.”