PerimeterX and ironSource partner to address app advertising fraud

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PerimeterX, has just announced a collaboration with ironSource, the app monetization and analytics firm. The companies will be actively addressing the threat of non-human impressions and invalid traffic across apps as PerimeterX’s fingerprinting identification system, Bot Defender, joins ironSource’s advanced Ad Fraud Unit. Together, they hope to ensure the quality and security of 80k apps and 7bn impressions across ironSource’s network.
PerimeterX partners with ironSource for better ad fraud unit integration
Ad fraud is now big business. It includes content that is infringed but also malvertising and is responsible for $8bn of lost online revenue a year, according to the IAB, with automated attacks or bot traffic comprising a majority of that deficit.
Yevgeny Peres, VP of Growth, Developer Solutions at ironSource believes that its vital for businesses to actively combat fraud if mobile advertising is to mature. For 2016, ironSource has been focused on building an anti-fraud unit with multi-layers and technologies to address all types of advertising fraud. He says:
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“As part of that process we partnered with PerimeterX, choosing to integrate their Bot Defender because it has the proven technology to identify and prevent bot attacks before they pose a threat. When it comes to fraud, prevention is the best cure, and we’re confident in PerimeterX’s ability to adapt and defend against new threats.”

PerimeterX certainly has experience of the ad fraud landscape and combines the expertise to actively combat such threats. The Bot Defender smart behavioural fingerprinting technology is based on hundreds of indicators profiling the user, the browser and network. The solution can detect and stop automated threats via a simple JavaScript tag integration. Adding Bot Defender to ironSource’s anti-fraud unit, the company can tap into real-time insights and more quickly block a potential attack to ensure high network quality.
Omri Iluz, Co-founder and CEO, PerimeterX, adds:
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“We are thrilled that ironSource has chosen to implement PerimeterX Bot Defender to detect and mitigate automated attacks as part of their comprehensive advertising platform. As the sophistication and volume of bot attacks continue to rise, scalable, powerful real-time threat detection will be the best defense. ironSource’s deep knowledge and understanding of the advertising world has helped us evolve Bot Defender to better identify and combat attacks in this vertical market.”

PerimeterX is an out-of-band service which won’t affect delivery performance and offer compatibility with a customer’s current deployed infrastructure, including most content delivery networks or cloud infrastructures.
The Bot Defender also includes stable reporting for analysed traffic and threats to offer companies enhanced visibility and control into why items have been blocked or how.
Its deployments now protect over 1.5bn page views every week. The partnership with ironSource has allowed for customization of Bot Defender to combat automated ad fraud.