Parse follows Facebook’s lead, open sources its iOS, OS X, and Android SDKs

Andy Boxall

In App Development, news

August 19, 2015


Facebook-owned cloud app platform Parse has announced it will open source all its SDKs, starting with iOS, Android, and Mac OS X. Facebook has been steadily releasing open source software for a while, and in a blog post on the subject, Parse’s Nikita Lutsenko said the company is, “thrilled to be a part of Facebook’s long-standing commitment to open source.”

He continues to add that by making open source products, Parse can increase innovation, learn more from the community, and “collaborate on scalable solutions to hard challenges in mobile development.”

Parse has opened sourced its SDKs, starting with iOS, Android, and Mac OS X


After the initial open sourcing of the iOS, Android, and OS X SDKs, Parse will add more to the list. It states Parse now has 800 million active app-device pairs each month, and has overcome various challenges to improve its SDKs over the years. These include producing an easy to understand public-facing API, and performance enhancements to make the SDKs faster and more functional.

In addition to the SDKs, Parse has opened up its developer support flow, helping developers report bugs to the Parse team. The iOS and Mac OS X SDK can be found here, and the Android code here. To learn more about Parse, visit its company profile here.