PadSquad announces new hire to push mobile ad tech and marketplace solutions

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 5, 2016

PadSquad, the mobile software firm, announced that it has hired Manny Balbin as Vice President, Revenue & Supply Operations. Balbin joins from ad tech company Yieldbot, where he was VP of Operations and spearheaded the execution and adoption of the open source header-bidding framework PubFood.js.
PadSquad provides mobile publishing software
As part of PadSquad, Balbin will be overseeing the expansion of the company’s publishing monetisation and ad tech as well as mobile marketplace services. The goal is to fully integrate the company’s mobile CMS for publishers with its custom, dynamic ad technology as part of one full technology stack.
Manny Balbin explains:
manny balbin

“Publishers are forced to navigate an increasingly complex market to stay successful right now. Having partnered in the past with hundreds of savvy publishers to drive increased yield using new technology, it’s clear that mobile inventory management and monetization are arguably the most important challenges for publishers of all sizes at the moment. PadSquad has the unique ability to control user experience with our mobile CMS technology, and control our clients’ advertising creative via our in-house studio. As such, we’ll continue to develop a constantly customizable experience for all of the constituents we serve; consumers, publishers and advertisers. I’m excited to help lead the next phase of innovation here, driving new programmatic solutions and ad product innovations.”

Mobile screens are difficult to monetise for publishers, with two-thirds of US publishers stating that they experience problems when monetising smartphone properties. With its proprietary software, custom and programmatic mobile marketplace, PadSquad aims to solve this revenue gap for publishers.
Daniel Meehan, PadSquad CEO & Founder, adds:
daniel meehan

“We think the time has come to integrate the publisher CMS and the ad tech stack. No longer should they be two independent platforms, working separately to deliver content and ad experiences on a page. As technology advances to offer marketers dynamic creative and precise targeting of audiences, so should technology enable a publisher to dynamically render content and ad placements for maximum performance and yield. Manny’s experience leading header-bidding technology, essentially disrupting the existing ad server infrastructure on behalf of publishers, is a perfect fit to drive our next phase of mobile innovation.”