OUTFRONT Media grows Mobile Network

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 25, 2016

OUTFRONT Media, the out-of-home media company, now has 200+ local businesses across the US utilising its Mobile Network. The Network offers location-based mobile ad capabilities through a geo-fencing solution driven by xAd, a location-based mobile marketing firm. The solution combines out-of-home banner ads with corresponding mobile ads, resulting in a 48% greater likelihood to engage.
OUTFRONT combines out-of-home with mobile advertising
Source: outfrontmedia.com
Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, OUTFRONT Media, says:

“Our commitment to helping local businesses drive meaningful engagement with consumers has never been stronger. We believe, and research confirms, that mobile and out-of-home advertising have incredible synergy, and we are only at the tipping point of its potential.”

Through the use of its geo-fencing technology, the Mobile Network generates a virtual radius around a business’s out-of-home assets and secondary locations to deliver a mobile banner ad directing the consumer to a landing page. It features a call to action such as visiting a brand’s website, purchasing a ticket etc.
Among notable clients are Hollywood Casino, Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, and Baxter Avenue Haunted House.
Hollywood Casino, for example, created a geo-fence in a 10-mile radius surrounding its billboards to generate a mobile ad. The four-week campaign resulted in 2,121 clicks to the website, 123% above mobile industry average.