OpenX scores top spot in Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index for mobile app inventory

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 13, 2016

OpenX, the programmatic ad marketplace, announced that it’s now back in the top spot on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index for April 2016. The company was rated the highest quality, most trusted marketplace for digital inventory in the US.
OpenX scores top spot in Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index
For the first time, OpenX was also ranked top for mobile app inventory not only web inventory.
The company is no stranger to the index and held the number one spot in web inventory on the Seller Trust Index for six consecutive months in 2015.
The Pixalate Global Seller Trust Index is an independent quality rating for programmatic advertising. Based on over 100bn monthly impressions, quality rankings consider overall fraud assessment effectiveness, viewability, malware as well as engagement, domain masking and inventory scores.
John Murphy, VP of marketplace quality, OpenX, confirms:
john murphy

“Ensuring our massive marketplace only offers high quality inventory is an ongoing priority at OpenX. We are especially pleased to be number one in mobile inventory, which constitutes a large and rapidly growing share of OpenX total global volume. Since 2012 we have devoted substantial resources to raise and maintain the highest quality standards, enabling premium publishers and buyers to confidently transact in our trusted exchange and benefit from our superior monetization technology.”

In addition, the company has recently received an independent third-party certification from assurance provider, BPA Worldwide, for supplying through the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality Guideline (IQG) programme.
Jalal Nasir, CEO, Pixalate, adds:
jalal nasir

“Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index helps advertisers select the most trusted programmatic sellers and exchanges at scale, by offering an objective security assessment of inventory quality, ad performance and reach. We support the industry’s continued focus on ensuring the integrity and safety of programmatic advertising, and congratulate OpenX on achieving top tier rankings across the U.S. and mobile indices.”