Only 21% of Snapchat users actually enjoy video adverts on the app

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. December 16, 2016

Over the last year, Snapchat has been rather busy updating its advertising features and rolling out mobile video ads as well as features such as lenses and geofilters.
That’s all great news for the thousands of brands and advertisers trying to reach Millennial and younger customers. However, how do users feel about the ad modifications?
According to a new report from Perk, Snap Ads, which are Snapchat’s 10-second mobile video ads aren’t very popular among users. However, they are highly visibile – much to the advertiser’s delight or so it would seem.
74% of Snapchat users have noted such ads on the mobile app. Indeed, 52% see them regularly, but just 21% of them actually like seeing them. That’s a bit of a problem. Indeed, many users have admitted that they would be less inclined to purchase a brand after seeing an ad on Snapchat as compared to TV (42%) as well as online (40%). That’s certainly not great news for Snapchat when consumers rather watch ads on TV or online. However, one may argue that this is because the messaging app has become a bit of a private safe space for users. Here, ads can feel like an intrusion to that privacy.
There is a silver lining though. Snap Ads are attention grabbing. 36% of users do pay attention to Snapchat ads compared to 34% for online ads. However, TV outscores them both.
Snapchat outscored by TV for ad effectiveness
Sponsored lenses and filters aren’t being viewed in quite the same negative light. Indeed, 53% of users actually enjoyed a brand’s animated lens or location filter. Over half of users also agreed that they were paying attention to brands that sponsored lenses or filters compared to Snapchat video ads.
Snapchat influencer promotion is also doing pretty well. 51% of users said they followed celebrities with over 70% of them watching their stories. However, just 37% follow brands or companies.
What does that mean for marketers? As we approach 2017, it’s time to reflect and consider the audience experience. Snapchat users clearly prefer an embedded, non-intrusive experience.
Lenses, filters and influencer partnerships were generally seen as more positive and added to the user experience rather than retracting from it. As such, brands should focus on these tactics instead of video ads.
What will that mean for Snapchat? The company is going to have to adjust accordingly and develop new ways to showcase its video ads.