Only 18% of people using ad blocking software do so on mobile devices

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising. July 6, 2015

The Internet Advisory Bureau has carried out research into the way ad-blocking software is used on computers and mobile devices in the UK. According to its statistics, of those people who do use ad blockers, a huge 80% are using them on laptops, but only 19% use them on mobile devices and tablets. Desktop use stands at 46%.
The research shows 15% of Internet users have active ad blocking software on their devices at the moment, but only 52% of that number use it to block all ads. Why do people block ads? 74% said they interrupt what they were doing, 55% said they were annoying, 54% believed they slowed down their browsing experience, and 46% said they delivered irrelevant messages. Finally, 31% stated privacy concerns.
74% of UK Internet users block ads because they’re considered interruptions
What stands out in the IAB’s research is the lack of knowledge that ads drive free content, with only 44% being aware that ads fund many of the most regularly visited sites. Only 10% were less likely to block ads once being informed of this, and 66% would prefer to have no ads and free content. A tiny 3% would be prepared to pay for content and see no ads at all.
The entire IAB’s Ad Blocking report can be downloaded here.