Not all inactive app users are gone forever


Just because users of your app haven’t been active after weeks or months, doesn’t mean they aren’t coming back, according to data extracted by mobile analytics company Adjust. To establish if users who had not opened an app for a long period of time had gone forever, it examined how many user records would be duplicated if inactive user data was purged from its system.

Adjust shows a percentage inactive users will return to apps

adjust churn

The results may surprise you, because a considerable percentage of previously active users will return, even after extended breaks. It found 22% of recently active users had a 50-day break or longer on their record. This continued with around 17% having a 60 day break, and 10% at 90 days. Even after 200 days, 2.7% of previously active users returned.

Adjust breaks down what this means for developers, saying that by ignoring and potentially deleting these inactive accounts, install numbers would be out by a certain percentage (10% after 90 days, for example), and analytical figures would be off when estimating retention and new user figures. There’s also the chance you’ll overpay ad networks for supposedly new users.

The data shows that depending on how valuable your users are, and the effectiveness of re-engagement methods, it’s potentially worth retaining records and making contact with these users for anywhere up to 250 days.

For more about Adjust and its services, visit the company’s website here.