Nexage’s ad marketplace boosting app dev revenues by 165%, report claims

Developers using Nexage’s mobile ad marketplace have seen revenue grow by 165% during 2014, double the current market growth of mobile ads, according to Nexage’s latest Mobile Insights Report.
The Boston-based company claims the revenue growth was driven by a variety of factors. More developers are supporting location-based ad campaigns, which are seeing much higher competition in terms of ad bids. Brands are also beginning to spend on mobile as the space matures and more “well-lit brand safe” inventory appears.
Nexage shows off its developer’s revenue growth
Nexage adds that rich media, video and native formats are also pushing revenues forward, with eCPMs jumping 55% during the year.
In its report, Nexage’s said:

Rich media, video, interstitial and native formats have been attracting a lot of attention recently, and developers are taking note. Developers are ramping up rich media, video, and interstitial traffic to gain the CPM and yield advantage. The better yield performance gives developers an opportunity to send fewer, more engaging ads—a critical value as developers actively compete for consumer attention and loyalty partly on the basis of user experience. This increased supply has been met with rapidly growing demand, measured in ads delivered and CPM performance.

All of this, according to Nexage, is evidence of a “new normal” as advertisers and agencies finally begin to throw their weight behind mobile after years of tip-toeing around the sector.
For more info head over to the Nexage website and download the report..