Yahoo and Oath take on Slack with Yahoo Together messaging app

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 8, 2018

Yahoo and Oath have launched Yahoo Together, a messaging platform designed to take on Slack. The website says it will bring, “your family, team, cause, or crew together,” and describes it as an app to help organize or make plans.

This is similar to Slack, which tends to be used more by businesses than individuals. Yahoo has made the app available for iOS and Google Play, but a desktop app does not seem to be available at this time.

Outside of the usual chat rooms and chat features, Yahoo Together adds a feature called Smart Reminders, which alerts all chat room members at a particular time and date using a notification — helpful for long-term plans where details can be forgotten.

Additionally, Yahoo Together supports media files and has a search feature, plus messages can be highlighted using a feature called Blast, to make sure announcements are seen by all members. The app is available to download now.