Twitter will remove Moments creation from its mobile app

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 12, 2018

Twitter has announced it will remove the ability to create Moments from its mobile app, due to the feature not being used. The feature will be unavailable on mobile from October 23.

In a tweet, Twitter Support said:

“We’re removing the ability to create Moments on the Twitter for iOS or Android apps. When features aren’t used as often, we’ll remove them, so we can focus on building other products you’ll love.”

While Twitter says Moments isn’t being used on mobile, there are numerous users complaining about its removal in the responses to the announcement tweet. Several accuse Twitter of not promoting the feature enough, and a general misunderstanding of Moments itself for the lack of use.

Moments are curated stories featuring collected content based on a particular subject or event. One the mobile feature is removed, Moments can still be created through the Twitter desktop site.