Track Instagram ads and engagement using the latest Salesforce tools

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising. August 4, 2015

Instagram will open its advertising APIs up to all advertisers in the near future, and in preparation, Salesforce has announced the launch of cloud-based advertising, engagement, and analytics tools designed to track usage on the photo sharing social network.
The tools are part of its Marketing Cloud, and provide the following features:

  • The ability to buy and manage advertising on Instagram through, and can use the same Active Audiences CRM data that works with Facebook and Twitter, to make for more targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Social Studio tracks campaign performance on Instagram, and can be used to pull and share the most successful pictures posted, helping marketers better understand the effectiveness of campaigns. It also assists community management teams deal with responses and comments.
  • Social Studio provides tools for monitoring trends, engagement, and overall sentiment. Finally, the toolset can be used for customer service needs.

Salesforce’s Instagram tracking tools are part of its Marketing Cloud platform
Instagram has been trialling ads for sometime, but only with a select few partners. Once it opens the service up to everyone, there are reports that Instagram could represent 10% of Facebook’s revenue by 2017, ad 28% of the U.S. mobile ad revenue.
A demo version of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud can be requested here.