Tips for Mobile App Design: Best Practices for 2018

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Posted: August 21, 2018

The average person spends about 5 hours daily on a mobile phone. However, these people don’t spend time on apps with subpar design. This niche is highly competitive and to stay ahead you need to follow some of the tips suggested below.

Less is More – Top App Designers Go Moderate on the Design 

Bright, attractive colors are eye-catching and mobile developers are always apt to include an array of these colors in their design. However, this isn’t ideal for two reasons. The first is that when an app features too many design elements, complications are bound to arise and this will taint the user experience. 

In fact, the rule governing app development in the USA is that “Less is more”. Think of the popular apps and you’ll see that they all stuck to one simple shade of color; Facebook, blue; Fiverr, Green, etc. A minimalistic design also eliminates any form of distraction for the users. Also, when designing, remember that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are color blind. 

Speaking of distraction, the next best practice for any mobile development company looking to take center stage is mentioned below.

Eliminate Cognitive Load to the Bare Minimum

No one wants a cluttered home, nor do they want a cluttered mobile app. Basically, when you’re designing a mobile app, the aim is to simplify the usage of your app. Unless you’re building an app for a group of intellectuals who need to encrypt the information on the app, avoid providing too much information per screen. 

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Minimize the User’s Workload

Unless the app is used for banking or work-related issues, you can be sure that users visit the app just to unwind. Just imagine if Twitter asked its users to sign in after their session times out. They definitely won’t enjoy the current level of popularity that they do now. 

In addition, if there’s a genuine need to input data, there are ways to go about it. Some of these ways are explained below.

  • Customize the keyboard for the exact data type to be entered. For numeric data, provide a numeric screen, for email addresses, render the @ button. 
  • Inline validation should be done. It’s very frustrating when, after filling a long form, you have to start all over again because of a password mismatch. Top app designers always design apps that check the validity of the data provided.
  • Allow fields to be auto-completed. People downloading your app have downloaded thousands of similar apps in the past and they’ve filled the same data over and over again. Incorporating smart features such as autocomplete is one way to establish yourself as a mobile development company.
  • Focus on the On-boarding Experience

You have only one shot at your first impression, you have to make it count. App development in the USA is really a crowded sphere. There are millions of apps available for download and at least ten other apps can conveniently achieve what your app promises. This is why you need to design apps which mesmerize users from the first interaction. 

One of the most effective onboarding techniques is contextual onboarding. This means that instructions are provided to the user every step of the way. Just think of what it would feel like if you could give every user a personalized tour of the app. Well, you can. Another important point to note, avoid asking for a myriad of information at the start. This can be a disservice.

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Speed and Responsiveness Still Underpin App Development in US

At the moment, if your page isn’t loading in 2 seconds or less, what are you doing? The same thing goes for mobile apps. The goal is to hire top app designers who are adept at optimizing the speed of apps as it will go a long way in improving the experience of users.

It’s not always possible to control how fast the app loads, especially if the user’s internet connectivity is below par. However, you can still salvage the situation.

One way to do this is to clearly state when the loading is occurring. Here’s why. When users open the app and they see a blank screen, it appears as though the app is frozen and this will cause frustration. You’ll be lucky if the user doesn’t drop a bad rating on the store. But a simple message such as, “The app is currently loading as a result of your internet connectivity. Just hold on for 5 seconds” will suffice.

Optimize Your Mobile App for the Appropriate Content

In 2017, it was seen that 78% of internet users watch videos online weekly and 55% do it daily. Any mobile development company that concerns itself with the creation of mobile apps knows that most mobile phones are operated in portrait mode, hence, content should be adapted for this orientation. In addition to videos, the written content should be both readable and legible. The font size, font family, contrast, and even the length of the content are ways to identify top app designers.

Touch and Biometric Sensors

Remember that we’re in the age of tap and touch features. App development companies in US now recognize  the recent developments in mobile computing. Virtually every new phone being released now features touch sensors and can be unlocked via biometrics. In fact, some apps for financial institutions include biometric-based technology as a requirement for signing in.

It’s also important to consider the thumb size and how users make use of their mobile phone. Top app designers know that most users only hold their mobile phone with one hand, hence, the important features of the app should revolve around the natural thumb zone.


The hallmark of an excellent mobile development company is the ability to combine aesthetics and functionality without sacrificing the key elements of the mobile app. Now that you know the best mobile app development practices, how will you go on to apply it? When you’re ready to create your unique mobile app, be sure to contact Dedicated Developers, and we’ll work with you to make the best app for your company.

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