The future of shopping includes augmented and virtual reality technologies

Anne Freier

In mcommerce, Mobile Advertising. September 4, 2018

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) shopping experiences are among the top future trends among consumers, according to a prediction by Infiniti Research.

With AR and VR, retailers are able to turn around the shopping experience by leaving less of it up to the imagination. For example, AR could be used to more successfully visualise a piece of furniture in a room. At the same time, customers could try out different accessories and items of clothing without actually having to dress in them.

According to the research, retailers are also looking into the usage of beacons, IoT devices and mobile apps to personalise the experience for the end consumer further. Said technologies could also help customers to find the right products and tailor offers according to individual taste.

Meanwhile, faster restocking is an interesting challenge that retailers are facing in the future. Infiniti Research predicts that robots will be aiding in the challenge to more quickly replace items and alert employees when stocks run low.

Similar research by eMarketer suggests that just 17% of AR and VR users globally believe such shopping experiences are mainstream. The majority believe the trend will catch on over the next three years. Smartphone owners who already make use of AR and VR also believe that in the near future all shopping could be done via smartphone as physical stores disappear (6%).

The retail sector is likely undergoing major changes over the next few years, but it’s unclear how quickly consumers and retailers will adapt.