Smartphones are the preferred method of shopping on the mobile web

Research from Criteo has revealed which shopping segments are most popular for mobile sales, and shows how shoppers are turning to smartphones over tablets and the desktop. However, while mobile web sales are still growing, it’s by a small percentage, and with smartphones being the preferred method of purchasing.

In Q4 2017, Criteo notes 35.5% of U.S. online sales were made on the mobile web, compared to 34.8% during the same period in 2016. Both desktop and tablets were less popular a year later — tablet use fell by a massive 26.5%, and desktop by 1.1% — but mobile grew by 13.2%.

Examining mobile web sales only, sporting goods comes out on top with 44% of sales being made from a mobile device, followed by fashion and luxury with 40%. Health and beauty products come third with 38%, flowers and gifts is in fourth with 35%, and “mass merchants,” indicating general stores and products is in fifth with 28%.