Sizmek integrates mobile ad solution with Peer39 for improved mobile-first programmatic access

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 13, 2016

Open ad management platform, Sizmek, just announced access to its contextual data service Peer39 via its app intelligence platform StrikeAd. The integration makes it the first Mobile Only DSP for Peer39 to allow media buyers to deliver brand-safe, quality placements for their programmatic mobile web and app adverts.
Sizmek integrates Peer39
Before integrating with Peer39, StrikeAd team members were having to send in whitelists of sites and apps to clients who sifted through the ones they wanted to target. This process was restricting and meant that contextual targeting required much patience.
Now, marketers get to purchase inventory across vertical-specific categories, including industries such as travel, automotive, apparel and retail. Peer39 offers a very robust app targeting solution that organises inventory by app category, age advisory rating, app popularity, user ratings, language and more.
As mobile ad spend is set to reach $100bn this year, brands should have a better understanding of their content to fuel relevant experiences.
Sizmek also emphasised the addition of anti-fraudulent measures which include a new feature for Uncertified Apps for StrikeAd.
Marco Rigon, Global Head of Mobext, Mobile agency of Havas Group, says:

“Audiences are shifting to mobile with increasing frequency, so we’re always looking for tools that will enable us to execute our mobile programmatic ad buys with heightened targeting capabilities and decreased waste. Peer39 is a proven leader in contextual categorization, brand safety and fraud detection. Now that it is available through StrikeAd, marketers have yet another assurance that audiences are seeing relevant ads, and that those ads are being seen next to quality content.”

Having recently tested the StrikeAd and Peer39 connection, a sportswear manufacturer was able to specifically target the “health & fitness” category for inventory. Increased relevance from Peer39 has led to a jump in CTR compared to previous bursts, climbing from 1.09 to 1.19.
Mike Caprio, Global VP and GM of programmatic, Sizmek, adds:
mike caprio

“Consumers increasingly toggle between app and mobile web experiences, and StrikeAd’s clients want to be sure they can provide relevant, brand safe ad experiences within high-quality content that will engage consumers in both spheres. We are excited to roll out the most robust pre-bid contextual data offering in the market for our clients with Peer39, and having StrikeAd become the first mobile-only DSP shows our commitment to improving targeting and safety for mobile 1st buyers.”