Pinterest advertisers can now choose mobile video ads at maximum width

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 8, 2018

Back in June 2018, Pinterest said it was testing promoted videos for advertisers to take over the entire mobile screen. Now, the company has officially launched the new advertising format at max. width. Advertisers can select from two formats – a standard size which is the same as other Pinterest Pins or a maximum width that is roughly 4x bigger.

The company said that it had seen increased engagement rates for the max width format compared to standard video ads.

Testing with Millward Brown revealed that using the max width format advertisers were able to life cost-per-view and brand awareness. Similarly, retailer John Lewis saw a 20% increase in awareness and 33% jump in purchase intent when promoting a nursery collection.

Meanwhile, Adidas noted a 12.6% lift in ad awareness.

In a blog post, the company added that different types of video ad formats were working for different campaigns. It further encouraged advertisers to trial various formats to see what would work best.

On the whole, video ads should include a logo and branding. Video length for ads should be kept to between 6-20 seconds. Instructional videos tend to perform well on Pinterest with viewers more often saving them.