Nintendo’s Switch Online app sees 76% installation boost

Andy Boxall

In App Business. September 28, 2018

Nintendo’s Switch Online mobile app has proven popular, with data from Sensor Tower showing the app has been downloaded by 25% of the world’s Switch console owners in a week.

There are approximately 20 million Switch consoles worldwide, which means five million apps have been downloaded and installed by iOS and Android device owners wanting to enjoy the new Switch Online features.

Comparing the app’s installs from the week of September 10, it received a 76% boost in growth the week after, when Nintendo officially announced the new service. The app went from 70,000 installations to 123,000 installations the week of September 17.

The majority of these app downloads have come from Japan and the United States, with the US seeing a massive 89% leap in installations alone. The app has been available since July 2017.