Native digital display ad spend grows 31% in 2018 driven by mobile and social

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 11, 2018

Native advertising already accounts for more than 50% of all digital display expenditure in the US. Now, eMarketer expects that marketers in North America will be allocating $32.9 billion to native digital display ads, representing an increase of 31% from 2017.
The rise is driven by the growth in ads on social networks and mobile devices where native ads dominate.
This year, 58.3% of US digital display spend will be allocated to native placements, up 54% since 2017. These tend to more accurately reflect the content they are placed in.
Around three-quarters of US native display ad spend is now happening on social adverts. This is attributed to the fact that most social advertising is native.
Native advertising is going to be more mobile than social with over 90% of native display dollars going to mobile placements. With most social sites designed to be mobile this is hardly surprising.
At the same time, programmatic native display ad spend for non-social placements continues to grow. However, growth is still somewhat held back by lack of innovation.