Multi-channel is a must as more consumers shop on mobile and on social media

eCommerce has revolutionised the retail experience, but to stay relevant retailers and brands have to keep up and innovate. Now, Avionos, the digital services company, has surveyed 1,409 consumers about their online shopping habits and preferences.
It found that over half of respondents (55%) have previously made a purchase through social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

When making online purchases, 27% of consumers are likely to act on user-generated recommendations, followed by products people typically purchased together (23%) and trending products (19%).

A third of customers who browse without a specific intent start their search on Amazon whilst 32% begin searching on Google. Fewer than 3% actually begin their search with or without intent on a brand’s or retailer’s mobile app.

The data also revealed that customers clearly prefer more detailed product specifications (54%) to confidently make a purchase. User-friendly return policies (53%) and extra product content in a listing (49%) are also driving purchase confidence.
Interestingly, 32% of respondents said they were open to sharing their personal information with brands and retailers if it meant they received improved personalised experiences.
Email, first name and gender are the pieces of information customers are most happy to volunteer. Meanwhile, contacts for friends and family and professional information are not as happily shared.

However, the report also highlights the importance of multi-channel with 26% of consumers searching for specific products using their mobile devices, whilst 27% casually browse without intent on mobile devices. Impulse buys are still predominantly made in store similar to big ticket items.