More shoppers are using their smartphones to make a purchase – marketing emails are still effective

Anne Freier

In mcommerce, Mobile Advertising. January 23, 2017


Source Fluent

More consumers are now making purchases using their mobile devices than before. Indeed, research from Fluent, the marketing platform, highlights that smartphones are now being used for a variety of daily tasks including shopping. Over half (54%) of respondents said they used smartphones most often to make online purchases, followed by desktops (23%) and tablets (14%).

According to the research, 42% of Americans purchased goods on their smartphones in 2016. Overall, women scored a little higher than men when it came to mobile shopping. iOS device owners were more likely (51%) than Android (46%) owners to buy goods using their smartphones.

Over half of respondents said they made 1-5 purchases from their phones, whilst 24% admitted to making 6-10 purchases during the year.

Adverts and mobile marketing strategies did have an impact on consumers, with 21% purchasing a product following an email promotion. Another 18% received a marketing text and 17% a push notification which prompted them to make a purchase.


When considering the web versus app, mCommerce looks pretty even (49% versus 51% respectively). However, preferences are slightly different when broken down by age and gender. Generally, the younger generations prefer to shop using an app, with 59% of 25-34 year-olds using apps. Meanwhile, 65% of the over 55 year-olds are preferring web shops over mobile apps. Women also tend to favour the web (54%), compared to men preferring to use apps (56%).

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A majority of respondents spoke favourably about their mobile shopping experience. 44% said that mobile purchases were easy to make “most of the time”. Only 1 in 5 found it difficult to enjoy the process.

When asked what would make it easier for them, younger shoppers generally agree that easier navigation and increased speeds would be a bonus, whilst older shoppers would prefer more security features and one-click purchasing.


Overall, men and women were found to spend their time shopping on mobile devices pretty equally. Social media remains to be a dominant category for app usage.


With social marketing on the rise, advertisers can gain useful insights into targeting mobile shoppers more effectively across apps, the web and operating systems. This research highlights that gender and age matter when targeting audiences on smartphones.