Mobile gamers referred through social media show 67% higher retention rates

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 2, 2018

Mobile gamers that have been referred through social media recommendations how 67% higher retention rates than non-referred gamers, according to new research from GetSocial, the company that provides viral user acquisition tools for mobile app and game developers.

Based on the data from 60 million mobile gamers, the latest data also revealed that social media recommended players had 63% higher lifetime session counts than non-referred players. The results suggest that organic reach through social channels may be attracting more gamers than other means of mobile game marketing.

Back in March, GetSocial revealed that mobile gamers acquired through non-paid social channels had a 43% higher retention rate than regularly acquired gamers.

“This data builds on the insights we shared earlier this year, based on our collaboration with SEGA for Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It’s another proof point that shows the value of adding a social layer to apps and games, and how this has a positive impact on revenues, retention, and the overall virality of a game that uses the GetSocial platform,” said Jeroen Bouwman, CEO of GetSocial.

The latest findings further unveiled that day 1 retention rates of referred users were 18% higher than non-referred users. This rose sharply to 67% for day 30 retention.

Similarly, referred users had a 63% higher lifetime session count than non-referred users. In addition, referred gamers are also more viral and sent out 300% more invites than non-referred users. Those who have referred five or more friends (GetSocial refers to them as ‘social whales’) had a 11x higher session count and sent 88x the number of invites compared to non-referred gamers.