Mobile game revenue passes $13b, now represents 76% of all app store spend

Andy Boxall

In App Data. October 15, 2018

People are spending more money on mobile games this year than last year, and it’s Apple’s App Store leading the way. A total of $13.8b was spent over the past three months on games alone, and this figure represents 76% of all revenue taken by app stores during the time.

Game spend has increased by 14.9% over the same period in 2017, but Apple’s App Store continues to bring in more revenue than Google Play. Apple’s revenue from games increased 12.8% to $8.5b. However, while Google Play may lag behind with $5.3b revenue, its growth compared to last year was higher at 18.4%, when it took $4.3b.

The total number of mobile game downloads rose by only 2.2%, with Google Play edging out the App Store here too. A 2.4% rise to 7.2 billion app downloads for Google beat the 1.6% increase for Apple, taking it to 2.3 billion app downloads over the past three months.