Mobile data firm Ogury acquires Adincube to boost mediation

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 11, 2018

Ogury, the mobile data company, has acquired Adincube, the mediation solution for mobile publishers. Through the integration, Ogury hopes to solidify its position as a publisher solution that can accelerate commercial growth. The company uses automation to monetise apps.
Adincube has been using artificial intelligence to integrate demand partners without compromising the user experience. Its processes for managing inventory are intuitive and simple.
The company provides an unbiased algorithm that predicts earnings from across a range of performance campaigns and converts them to CPM. It then selects the highest yielding ad at the time the impression is served. Publisher advertising revenue is boosted an average 218%.
Through the acquisition, Ogury will be offering a fully holistic platform solution that combines its Active Insights, Adincube and Augmented Monetization.

“Publishers can’t keep up with the ever-changing tech stacks, yet the mobile landscape continues to expand with solutions that only address the symptom of a larger industry problem,” said Jean Canzoneri, Ogury’s co-founder and CEO. “Acquiring Adincube enables Ogury For Apps to become an all-encompassing solution that provides real value to publishers in an already complex marketplace.”

By connecting its mobile data feed to Adincube’s machine learning algorithm, the Olgury data feeds become more intelligent with every impression served. Thus, ad revenue can be optimised user-by-user.

“Despite the overabundance of mobile tech solutions, publishers still can’t scale and monetize without hindering user experiences,” said Jonathan Ferrebeuf, Adincube co-founder. “By combining it with Ogury, we’re excited for new opportunities to help drive growth for publishers and providing them with actionable insights driven by high-quality, clean data.”