Millennials are keen on streaming pirated content on mobile devices and using mobile ad blockers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. September 21, 2016

anatomy media
A whopping 69% of Millennials have admitted to having downloaded or streamed pirated content, according to a new study from Anatomy Media. In line with the findings, the age-group also showed a strong affinity for using ad blockers.
The Millennials at the Gate report, based on the responses from 2,700 Millennials aged between 18 to 24 years, also highlights that online streaming is the popular choice among this young audiences, with 42% viewing on desktop and 41% on mobile devices. Torrenting however is declining at just 17%.
Mobile app video streaming on the rise
Anatomy Media coins these streaming offenders: striminals – a group who watches “what they want, when they want, where they want, and they don’t pay for it.”
However, that doesn’t seem of much concern to Millennials with 67% of them considering streaming entirely legal. A mere 18% said they thought it was wrong to stream content without paying for it.
The verdict on streaming isn’t out just yet. The US congress previously failed to recognise streaming as a felony.
Millennials are also fans of ad blocking with two out of three using a mobile or desktop ad blocker or both.
Ad blockers are popular among Millennials
However, the research also found a connection between the use of ad blockers and online piracy. Mobile pirates incidentally also were using mobile ad blockers more often. The same goes for desktop pirates and desktop ad blockers.
Anatomy Media adds that the two may be reinforcing each other. Often, streaming sites are full of ads and annoying pop-ups. That makes it easy to see why ad blockers may be in use across such properties.
Mobile ad blocking
However, marketers needn’t worry just yet. Anatomy Media says that ultimately an improved viewing experience could be enticing enough for the age group to move away from illegal streaming sites and ultimately avoid using ad blockers.
As long as advertising remains restrained, highly targeted and most importantly user-relevant, Millennials will be likely to accept it.