Majority of survey respondents find advertising has become more intrusive

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. April 11, 2018

Instead of improving the advertising experience, ads are now perceived to be more intrusive. According to a survey among 1,000 Internet users in the UK, US, Argentina, Australia and Belgium, Kantar Millward Brown found that compared to three years ago, 81% of respondents perceive ads to appear in more places. 74% said that they saw more ads whilst 69% found them to be more intrusive. On a positive, 59% also found that today’s marketing content fitted better across different formats whilst 51% acknowledged that ads were telling better stories.
Meanwhile, multi-channel brand advertising is consider to be a positive reminder of a brand (34%), and leaves a better impression (26%). However, it can be irritating according to a quarter of respondents.
The survey also noted that integrated ad campaigns were 31% more effective in building brand impact than non-integrated ones.
Although the majority of marketers agree that desktop, mobile and TV ads fit together well (89%), consumers aren’t as convinced (58%).
Among the most useful ways to link ads cross-format are logos (41%) and slogans (32%).
The report found that campaigns with strong lead ideas performed better than those without.
However, perception of advertising varies slightly by format with magazine and outdoor ads being perceived as the most positive (53% each), whilst video on mobile devices scored lowest with mobile online display (30%)

In addition, marketers should focus on smoothing their retargeting experience since 31% of respondents said they had seen ads too many times or found them irrelevant (23%).
Customised and integrated ads appear to be a prime tool in ensuring effectiveness with campaigns an average 57% more effective than non-integrated campaigns.
Consumers agree that video content online should be customised to be shorter than TV ads (37%) and have a different edit when using the same length (29%).