Majority of millennials are using mobiles to check for gifts this holiday season

Anne Freier

In mcommerce, Mobile Advertising. November 19, 2018

Mobile shopping appears to be on the radar among a growing number of holiday season shoppers. Indeed, 16% of Millennials are looking to make mobile purchases during the holidays this year, compared to 13% of Generation X shoppers and 7% of Baby boomers.

These are the findings of new research by Verizon-owned ad company Oath. The study highlights that mCommerce is gaining traction among younger generations in particular. 61% of millennials are also planning to use their smartphones to check out gifts. Meanwhile, half (50%) of Generation Xers and 32% of baby boomers are planning to do the same.

At the same time, 40% of Millennials will also be making direct purchases using their mobile devices, compared to 25% of shoppers of Generation X and 11% of baby boomers. This demonstrates that addressing multichannel marketing campaigns may still prove a valuable strategy this holiday season.

Furthermore, the study revealed that the majority of smartphone owners used their smartphones to compare prices (71%), whilst 69% researched products, 61% communicated with friends about gift ideas, and 55% looked up product reviews. Another 45% used their phones to get store directions.