A list of Unreal Engine 4 Guides and Tutorials for iOS and Android

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Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 shook things up when it was released back in March last year. The engine was a departure from UDK and its predecessors, adding stuff like Blueprints and removing packages, while also introducing a new subscription model intended to claw back mobile market-share from rival Unity. Indeed, Unreal Engine is still lagging behind Unity when it comes to popularity with  iOS and Android developers, but that’s certainly not an reflection of its mobile strengths and Epic is becoming more and more mobile-centric with each release.

Given UE4’s changes, a lot of the older UDK guides are a bit out of date, but many devs have since stepped-in to fill the gap with a range of video and written tutorials, and we’ve rounded-up as many as we can find right here! Given our mobile focus, we’ve separated the tutorials that focus on iOS and Android, but obviously mobile developers will be able benefit from most of the guides listed here.

If you have any suggestions to add to this list please get in touch and let us know. If you’re into Unity, take a look at our big list of Unity guides and resources. For general mobile game development resources take a look over here.

Unreal Engine 4 Android and iOS specific guides and resources

iOS Device Compatibility – Need to know what iOS devices are supported by UE4? This is the official list.

iOS Game Development – Official iOS quick start guide and basic info from the Unreal Engine website.

Android Device Compatibility – Find what Android devices and GPU families are officially supported right here.

Android Game Development – The official hub for Android development, with quick start guide and other info.

UE4 Answer Hub iOS – Question and answer forum specific to iPhone development with Unreal Engine 4.

Hello Android – Simple tutorial on how to make a rotating cube in UE4 and deploy it to an Android device.

Android and iOS Binary – Simple guide on how to create a UE4 binary for Android and iOS.

Tappy Chicken Tutorial Video – YouTube video discussing development of Flappy Bird clone for iOS and Android. Long, but lots of useful info here. From UE official channel.

Launching iOS from Mac – YouTube tutorial from Muhammad A.Moniem on packing and launching iOS from Mac.

UE4 Android Build – Short video on how to build on Android in Unreal Engine 4 from Yaroslav Petrichka.

Deploying a game on Android – Quick video tutorial on deploying the Tappy Chicken game to Android, by YouTuber James Brady.

Android Development Environment – Video on setting-up a development environment for Android, from the rishuambasta YouTube channel.

General Unreal Engine 4 Guides, Websites and Blogs

UE4 Documentation – Epic’s official site with a bunch of guides on getting started along with samples and other tutorials.

Unreal Engine 4 Wiki – Epic’s official wiki for UE4. Lots of tutorials and guides uploaded here, should be first base for any beginners.

ItsArtMag – Mainly focuses on design, but has a whole section of Unreal Engine tutorials in blog and video format.

Digital Tutors – Paid tutorial site. Features a whole bunch of Unreal Engine 4 video guides. But you got to pay – basic plans start from $29 per month.

TomLooman – Lots of tutorials in blog, written, format. There’s also a really good getting started guide for beginners.

Nan2cc – Don’t be put off by the Spanish, keep scrolling and you’ll find some great in-depth UE4 English guides here too, in written format. If you know Spanish even better.

Kitatus – Entire site dedicated to learning game design with UE4, from indie dev Kitatus. Only a few written guides there at the moment, but looks like it will grow.

CreateGamesFromScratch – Cool blog taking you step-by-step through creating a sci-fi shooter with UE4.

IDontKnowUDK – Blog with a variety of written Unreal Engine 4 tutorials.

CGmeetup – Selection of written guides on visual effects and character aesthetics.

Hourences – Lots of UE3 video tutorials here, but a few UE4 too. Features a guide to the development of the Solus title.

UnrealXeditor – A few blueprints, tutorials and downloads for UE4 developers here.

Evermotion – Quick guide on creating an interactive architecture sim in UE4.

ModDb – Blogs rounding up ModDb’s YouTube tutorials.

UE4 Tumblr – Three or four written tutorials accompanied with videos, mainly on resizing and importing assets.

Unreal Engine 4 YouTube Channels

Unreal Development Kit – The official Epic channel for Unreal Engine development. Lots of useful videos here.

Metal Game Studios – Unreal Engine tutorials in both English and German from Metal Game Studios. Lots of content, though hasn’t been updated for a while.

Virtus Education – YouTube channel that features a whole bunch of game dev tutorials including UE4.

Tesla – Regularly updated channel with tutorials. Tesla also provides one-on-one tutoring and paid guides.

Muhammad A.Moniem – Decent guides here including big series taking you through the process of making Braid.

TheRePlaYer – Features tutorials in both German and English. More in-depth stuff here.

PubGames – UE4 tutorials from indie game developers PubGames. Features guides on water effects, lighting and more.

GeoDav – Lots of tutorials here, mostly higher level stuff. Regularly updated.

Chad Reddick – Lots of guides on weapons here, along with AI tutorials. Worth checking out.

Unreal Engine 4 forums and communities

Official Unreal Engine Forums – The official Epic-run Unreal Engine forums, very active and lots of helpful advice.

UE4 Answers – The Answers section for Unreal Engine. Good if you need specific advice on specific points.

/r/UnrealEngine – The main sub-reddit for Unreal Engine. Lots of advice, people posting projects, news and more.

UE4 Roadmap – Trello roadmap for Unreal Engine. A place where the UE4 community can vote and suggest features for subsequent UE releases.

Beyond Unreal – Forum for Unreal Engine games and development. Not so active.

PolyCount – Forum for Unreal Engine development. Relatively active.

For more guides and tutorials on mobile game development check out our list of mobile game dev resources. Looking for Unity guides? Check out our round-up here.

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