Keith Smith Co-Founder and CEO, Payability talks App Monetization

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Partner Post - Payability - Providing the capital you need to grow your business

Posted: October 21, 2015

Keith Smith, co-Founder and CEO, originally hails from the Pacific Northwest and now calls New York City home. Keith spent the initial years of his career working as an analyst at a few financial institutions before founding CyberMortgage and then Zango. Keith was most recently co-Founder and CEO of BigDoor, which provides loyalty programs to large consumer brands, including; NFL, MLB, CBS, Viacom, and Starbucks. A successful entrepreneur, Keith regularly lends his time to early stage startups via TechStars and also serves as an advisor, investor and board member for multiple tech startups.
What is Payability and how are you positioned in the market?
Payability is a financing solution for app developers that accelerates payment of earnings from app stores and ad networks. App developers we work with have seen a tremendous increase in their growth simply by reinvesting their earnings sooner than planned.
What types of clients do you work with?
App developers of all types and sizes are seeing the benefits of receiving their earnings at a faster cadence. Our clients include a range of developers from indie developers to companies doing $20 million a year in revenue.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
Payability is a global financing solution – we can work with publishers in over 120 countries. We have growing publishers based around the world.
How does Payability set itself apart from other financing solutions for publishers and developers?
Payability is different from other financing solutions because we truly support the growing business. There are no credit checks, look-backs, so new businesses are qualified – unlike traditional financing where a startup doesn’t have the credit history needed to apply for financing. The financing grows as revenue grows, providing a consistent cash flow that supports growth efforts. And because we’re paid directly by the app store or ad network, there’s no repayment responsibility on the publisher.
What are your main tips for successful mobile and app monetization?
Reinvest early and often! Test and find a strategy that works, and then double-down on reinvestment to decrease your CPI.
What mobile devices do you use?
I was an “Android Guy” for a long time, but I recently switched to the iPhone 6S.
What are your favourite apps?
Slack. We use Slack for communicating in the office and the mobile app is top notch.
You check out Payability’s website here.