Inked Brands raises $6 million to boost influencer commerce operation

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. September 24, 2018

Inked Brands, the influencer commerce company founded in 2007, just raised $6 million in an effort to expand its operations.

Inked Brands provides commerce strategy tools and services to help influencers broaden their commerce appeal. Among these services, the company offers marketing, web and project development options. Clients include YouTube stars such as Shawn Johnson and Meghan Rienks.

The Series A investment round included support from VC, Archer Gray, Jim Fielding, BIP Capital, Bertelsmann’s BDMI and Halogen Ventures.

“Archer Gray intrinsically understands the great potential that lies at the intersection of content and commerce,” said founder and CEO of Inked Brands April Foster.

Nauiokas added:

“Much like Inked Brands, Archer Gray is committed to supporting content creators which makes our relationship a natural fit. Additionally, I am passionate about promoting female-led businesses and look forward to advising April on her company’s growth and exciting future.”

As part of the funding round, Jim Fielding, president of consumer products at 20th Century Fox and Amy Nauiokas of Archer Gray join the board of Inked Brands.